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For many years, Geel Foster Family Care attracted a great interest from abroad. We receive lots of requests from newspapers, broadcasters, medical doctors, caregivers and researchers from just about anywhere in the world to visit us, talk to a family and boarder or cooperate with us. Although we attach great importance to the exchange of ideas, we cannot quickly respond to every request. Providing good care to our boarders and foster families remains our priority and their privacy is crucial.

We certainly want to look at every decent question more thoroughly and discuss it with the team, but please give us time to do so. Especially for questioners who want to visit Geel, time is needed to prepare this. We will schedule some joint visit moments when appropriate.
Below you will find a form. If you fill it in and send it to us, we can get a clear idea of exactly what your question is and how best to deal with it.


Please send us an e-mail including the following:

  • Name and first name
  • Country
  • Function or education
  • Organisation
  • Contact details: telephone number – e-mail address
  • What is your question?
  • Why are you interested in Geel Family Nursing?
  • Do you wish to participate in a visit day in Geel, if any?
  • Which period would you like?
  • What are your expectations from a visit?


Johan Claeys, spokesman
00 32 473 63 04 79